Anti-Pot Group Set To File Lawsuit Asking To Shut Down The Industry

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A fully budded marijuana plant ready for trimming is seen at the Botanacare marijuana store ahead of their grand opening on New Year's day in Northglenn, Colorado

It’s been a while since anti-marijuana legalizations made some considerable noise, but that may all change today after one organization was expected to file a federal lawsuit that will ask to shut down Colorado’s new industry and accuses marijuana businesses and their owners of violating racketeering laws.

According to an article in Yahoo, Safe Streets Alliance is a Washington, D.C.-based group that describes itself as a “national non-profit aimed at reducing youth drug use and violent crime.” Its lawsuit claims that state and local officials in Colorado are violating federal law by promoting the commercialization of marijuana.

An online statements said: “Safe Streets is asking the federal courts to order Colorado officials to comply with federal law and stop issuing state licenses to deal illegal drugs.”

According to the article, the group is asking for testimony from individuals who feel that they, their relatives, properties or businesses have been hurt by the marijuana industry. They explained that “federal racketeering laws give plaintiffs injured by a commercial drug conspiracy the right to an injunction, treble damages, and attorney’s fees.”

The group also said that they plan to sue “several prominent participants” in Colorado’s pot industry, but didn’t give anymore details.

In a statement regarding the lawsuit, Mason Tvert, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project, said, “Supporters of legalization in Colorado said voters made their preference for licensed, regulated marijuana businesses clear at the ballot box, and warned the new lawsuit would only risk driving the trade back into the hands of gangs. Hundreds of millions of dollars in marijuana sales that were previously taking place in a dangerous underground market are now being conducted safely. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would prefer marijuana be controlled by criminals instead of by tightly regulated businesses. If drug cartels relied on litigation instead of violence, this is the lawsuit they would file.”



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  1. Yeah sure, why not? Let these court cases happen. It’ll only serve to make prohibitionists look bad when they are absolutely destroyed by common sense and rational. This will help the legalization movement overall.

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