Amnesty: It works for heroin, why not Marijuana?

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In the news today are reports that Massachusetts has found success in something unconventional: amnesty for heroin addicts. 

AP Reports that a new program in Massachusetts​ has found success by using unconventional methods. For the first time in their effort to combat a nasty heroin epidemic, Police departments have started offering an amnesty to heroin addicts. As of Thursday, police say, 104 addicts turned themselves in seeking help. All have been placed into drug treatment programs at a total cost of about $5,000 to the department. 

With such a stunning success in using treatment and rehabilitation instead of prosecution and jail time​, why is this concept not being applied to marijuana? Each year states across the union waste countless dollars imprisoning marijuana users for ingesting a plant, to the tune of millions. 

When will we see a day when non-violent drug users of all stripes will see the kind of treatment Massachusetts is offering to it's heroin users, where people who have a problem can get help, and no one goes to jail over something that ​should be a right to do anyways?

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