Investor Interview with MassRoots, Inc. (MSRT) – Competitor to Weedmaps and Leafly

Massroots has decided to trim back their workforce and focus on their core competencies. With over 900,000 in their user base, they have decided to focus on taking marketshare away from and on the dispensary listing service. The CEO spoke in an interview stating that revenues the second quarter of 2016 eclipsed all revenue from their entire existence.

Massroots CEO states that they are a technology firm operating in the marijuana space. They have recently changed their business model from only being able to use their app in a medically or recreational legal space, to anyone being able to use the app. This gives them greater reach to promote their new advertising platform. If you have not heard about Massroots yet, then you will see their company emerging.

MassRoots CEO Isaac Dietrich called in to, Inc. to go over the history, technology, business model and markets for his exciting young Company. MassRoots is one of the largest and most active technology platforms for cannabis consumers, businesses and activists with over 900,000 registered users. It is proud to be affiliated with the leading organizations in the cannabis industry, including the ArcView Group and National Cannabis Industry Association. MassRoots has been covered by Fox Business, CNBC, Fortune, Denver Post, and The Financial Times. For more information, please visit….



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