If You Have Any Of THESE Allergies, You Might Also Be Allergic To Marijuana

Are you allergic to marijuana?

Teen Vogue reports:

It’s spring and allergies are blooming along with the flowers. You might be wheezing and sniffling from the pollen outside, but apparently a different kind of plant — and not the kind you typically see growing outside — can also trigger even more allergies.

Mic reports that you can actually be allergic to marijuana. Dr. Leo Galland, co-author of The Allergy Solution, told Mic that weed allergies are definitely a thing, and they can manifest in lots of different ways from a simple rash to vomiting or diarrhea.

What makes you allergic to pot is apparently the same thing that causes you to sneeze when someone cuts the grass. They’re called panallergens, Mic reports. Dr. Galland told Mic they are found in fruits like bananas and melons, and also in grass and ragweed. He said if you’re allergic to any of those things, you might be more susceptible to a marijuana allergy.

It’s not just smoking it that can trigger the allergies, either. Touching pot can actually be more likely to cause an allergic reaction than ingesting it orally.

Even if you’re not allergic, you’re not totally safe. It is true that marijuana does not cause as many deaths as alcohol, but weed has been linked with depression. Studies also show that smoking weed before you’re 18 could have impacts on your brain development.

While pot is often used for its relaxing effects, it’s not that relaxing if it sends you into an allergic reaction. If you can’t handle the smell of fresh cut grass, be careful around the other kind of grass.

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  1. I’ve had allergies since being told to stop using cannabis. For the almost 5 years I’ve had access to it, I didn’t have any allergies or pneumonia or bronchitis. For almost two months since being told I cannot use cannabis or have it in my system in order to see my children, I have been sneezing, coughing, and phlegmy, almost non-stop.

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