If You Don’t Use A Grinder, Theres Good Chance You’re Smoking Fecal Matter…And Other Bacteria

Peoples hands are dirty….A TIME Magazine study recently showed that 1 in 6 cell phones contain traces of fecal matter. How much of that do you think ends up on the marijuana you smoke?

We understand that merely touching the marijuana is unavoidable, but once you crush it between your fingers and really rub off all that is on your fingers into the marijuana going into your lungs…

This is not to mention all of the pesticides and other foreign substances that it can gather, which brings up the entirely separate issue of lab testing.

“People are spreading fecal bacteria not just to their phones, but to everything else they touch around them. E. coli can survive on hands and other surfaces for hours, especially in warm conditions (like on a smartphone screen), and is easily transferred to door handles, computer keyboards, food, other people — and back to you. If you contaminate your iPhone with fecal bacteria, then wash your hands, then handle your phone again, you’ve just re-soiled your clean hands.”

When surveyed, however, 95{f1d755e3d686d84b3fba3fb9da3bc25d6eb08724c18385fd50146d58c836a6dd} of people said they washed their hands with soap. “People may claim they wash their hands regularly, but the science shows otherwise,” said study co-author Dr. Ron Cutler of Queen Mary, University of London in a statement.

If that hasn’t swayed you, here are some more reasons using a Grinder

2. Grinders Make Keef

One of the biggest reasons for grinders is the fact that they make keef. Keef is the build up of marijuana that is ground up. It is much stronger than the weed itself and is like a reward for smoking enough weed. You can sprinkle it on top of bowls or sprinkle it into joints and in some cases food. It is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.


3. Grinders are Cost Effective

Grinders do a lot more than just grind your weed up. Grinders can save you money over time, the same money you would normally use buying papers and blunt wraps.


4. A Great Place To Store Your Weed

If you don’t mind smelling a bit grinders are a great place to keep weed on the go. Also, your weed is already where it needs to be when you want to grind it up and load a bowl.


Grinders are a necessary tool for those of you out there looking to maximize your time smoking and minimize your time doing other things that lead up to it.



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Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe is a 14-year veteran of the financial sector with licenses as a commodity broker (Series 3) and investment advisor representative (IAR Series 65). Along with a focus on raising capital for the firms he was employed with, he also wrote and edited much of the content published by them. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts. He has been a longtime advocate for marijuana legalization due to the social injustices associated with marijuana prohibition and the strong potential for the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

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