GrowBlox Sciences Puts The ‘Medical’ In Medical Marijuana – CEO, Craig Ellins, Featured on TNM News This week

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This week’s TNMNews radio program features Craig Ellins discussing GrowBlox Sciences’ efforts to create uniform cannabinoid therapies to treat serious medical conditions. 

Consistent Cannabis Potency through Replicable Stock and Growing Conditions

First up on TNMNews, GrowBlox Sciences’ CEO Craig Ellins points out that while pioneers in marijuana cultivation have developed innovative cultivation technologies, growers have focused on creating mind-blowing levels of THC, which have caused people to experience discomfort.

“If the cannabis is going to be a true medical product, it has to be produced similar to the way medical products are produced,” says Ellins. He notes that while no one has ever died from overdosing on marijuana, his company’s work to develop cannabis crops with lower levels of THC and higher levels of other cannabinoids like CBD will offer patients more healthful effects.

“GrowBlox Sciences has invested a great deal of time and the money to develop environmentally controlled chambers that produce consistent products by ensuring genetic uniformity and creating precise, replicable growing conditions,” says Ellins.

The adjustable, computer-monitored and –controlled 8’X4’X7’ cabinets ensure the two cannabis bushes growing are grown under the same exact growing conditions. Vertical lighting, tuned to the most efficient wavelengths, ensures plants receive uniform lighting, while its patented AeroVapor® system precision-manages plant nutrient uptake. Other environmental factors, like temperature and oxygen, carbon-dioxide, are also carefully controlled. Instead of cloning, GrowBlox Sciences grows plants using tissue samples to avoid genetic drift, which can occur over time in cloning operations.

Calls for Research, not Law Enforcement and Prison

Craig points out that while the federal government has spent huge amounts of money on law enforcement, courts, and jails to punish marijuana users and distributors, it has refused to subsidize and permit needed research and development of cannabis-based medications.

Why Marijuana?

“There are some 7,000 known diseases in the world, but only about 400 FDA-approved drugs,” says Ellin. “Pharma has been good about keeping us alive longer, but hasn’t done a good job improving quality of life. This particular plant has the ability to not only prolong life, but also improve its quality.”

Ellins says different types of cannabis affect people differently. He points out that sometimes people smoke marijuana and they get the munchies, and sometimes people smoke marijuana and they are don’t feel hungry at all.

“It’s all science-based,” says Ellins. “I know that recreationally, it’s something that’s fun to do, but people don’t realize that when they are smoking it, they don’t realize they are really self-medicating,” he says.

“We all suffer from some form of inflammation. This is a very strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. When you’re getting high, it’s not only your head feeling the high, it’s also your body feeling the medicinal effects of the plant.”

Hear Craig tell the complete story but tuning into the program this week on


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