Get Paid to Smoke Weed

A New Study out of the University of Michigan is Willing to Pay Licensed Medical Marijuana Participants

There is not enough research on cannabis and so any study where a consumer can get paid to smoke weed should be jumped all over not just for the money but also for the good of science. Contact Kevin Boehnke out of the University of Michigan,, with your interest.

Dr Suzanne Sisley is running the study and has been a significant advocate for marijuana research for a long time. She has taken some big risks in the name of cannabis science too. She was fired from the University of Arizona after some political authorities caught wind of her research and decided it was not right for the university.

Eligible marijuana users are invited to participate in a paid, anonymous series of surveys over the course of one year as part of a groundbreaking study in medical marijuana, led by one of the medical field’s most prominent cannabis activists, Dr. Suzanne Sisley. Sisley, in joint effort with the University of Michigan, has also released an alternative, one-time survey in hopes of capturing more participants who may not be interested in or eligible for the long-term commitment.

Sisley is hoping to study specifically how medical marijuana has affected patients’ lives in terms of “pain management, quality of life, and the use of other medications,” according to marketing materials obtained by VICE News.

Both studies generally require all participants be at least 18 years old. The long-term survey also requires a medical cannabis certification in the user’s state of residence, while the short-term also allows for users of medical marijuana in any state where it’s legal recreationally. Interested candidates who meet the eligibility requirements are invited to contact Dr. Kevin Boehnke at the University of Michigan to enroll.

It is awfully nice to get paid to smoke weed, but to be able to contribute to the science of cannabis, benefits everyone.



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