Get Paid $18,000 By NASA To Smoke Marijuana

Get Paid To Smoke Weed by NASA, but Not Really

Check out this brand new experiment where you can get paid to smoke weed by NASA for $18,000.00. It is not real, but the idea sounds real nice. There have been programs where people have been paid to sample cannabis products, however NASA is not one of them.

CannaSOS reports:

Usually at some point in the day (and for some of us, multiple points) many of us find ourselves wishing we could abandon our responsibilities to return back to our beds to live out the rest of the day under a quiet refuge of blankets and smoke weed. Despite the guilt of chronic laziness, a day in bed sounds pretty darn relaxing—if only we could financially support ourselves by doing so.

Perhaps getting paid to smoke weed will become a more common occurrence as marijuana legalization continues to spread. However, the idea that NASA will embrace marijuana is not as far fetched as you might think. Since we are talking fantasy in this segment, have you read The Martian?  Andy Weir, the author, not only made a fantastic fiction, but he also tied in the realities of what it would take to get to Mars and live on it based off of his research about what NASA has learned about space travel thus far.

One of the most important perspectives to understand about space travel is that NASA needs to make it as simple as they possibly can. Understand, space travel requires the most advanced and innovative technologies discovered by people, but achieving specific objectives such as producing oxygenated air, temperature control and very importantly, food, needs to be as easily achievable for astronauts in order to make their survival as likely as possible. In other words, they need to grow food that is easy to grow, robust and produces an abundance of the nutrition they need, such as potatoes. Maybe even weed.

The Cannabis sativa plant includes marijuana’s cousin, hemp. Hemp actually does have nutritional value, but beyond that, it can be used to create all sorts of durable industrial products like clothing and rope which could be quite useful to people trying to persist on a planet as void of life and resources as Mars. Not to mention the fact that CBD oil is helping people with chronic pain, anxiety and get some sleep. Marijuana could be used to help astronauts cope with the intense pressure they would feel living on another planet, pain and maybe even loneliness. They do not call marijuana “weed” just for the sake of calling it weed. It is a very viable option for NASA to help astronauts survive on another planet. Don’t think they are not considering it, even though they are not offering for anyone to get paid to smoke weed. In the meantime, let’s keep the fantasy going.

Turns out, NASA might have the answer we’re all looking for—although it might require a little more “relaxation” than originally imagined. NASA is currently looking for volunteers to participate in their “Rest Studies”, in which participants will have to spend 70 straight days in bed and smoke different types of cannabis, receiving $18,000 for the period of aggressive bodily atrophy.

Participants are allowed to read books, Skype, play games, as well as smoke cannabis throughout the duration of the study. Pretty much anything is fair game, so long as you remain in bed, earning a cool $1,200 per week…

So what are the exact purposes of these studies?

The experiments are designed to find ways of preserving astronauts’ health and safety during periods of extended space travel. “Head down” bed rest is a good way of simulating travel through zero gravity space. Think about it, zero gravity means zero weight or strain on your muscles. They also want to understand how marijuana will influence on the body.

when will marijuana be legal everywhere, marijuana news

It’s a more accessible way of analyzing the bodily changes that occur during space travel.

This study is designed to achieve three core tasks:

1) Understanding how one’s changing physiology in space may affect the process of certain missions.

2) Understanding the impact of one’s physiological state on their ability to perform in particular tasks.

3) Preparing countermeasures to combat any impairment that these physiological conditions may impose.

Within the experiment there are two study groups: exercising and non-exercising. While the exercising group will be subject to exercise training (on special equipment to maintain the laying down position and smoke cannabis), the non-exercising group will remain completely at ease.

The entire duration of the study actually lasts between 97 and 105 days, depending on whether you’re a non-exercising or an exercising subject, respectively. For the first 13 days for non-exercising subjects and 21 days for exercising subjects, you’re able to move freely (in and out of bed) within the bed rest facility.

However, after this period you will be prohibited from leaving the bed for the next 70 days, aside from a few specified tests, where you must lay with your head back and feet up.
Throughout the entire duration of the study, you will be subject to bone, muscle and heart tests, as well as tests of your circulatory and nervous systems, your nutritional condition, and your body’s capacity to fight off infections.

Aliens, get paid to smoke weed, when will cannabis be legal everywhere

So is it worth it?

Although spending two months in bed would realistically be excruciating, at least you can rest easily knowing you’re making the sacrifice of grueling laziness for the purpose of furthering human space exploration. This is the only time you could claim to have helped send the first astronauts to Mars by doing absolutely nothing but sitting on your ass.

More news about paid studies to smoke cannabis:

Another article surfaced today for patients to get paid to smoke marijuana by ASU. It may not be $18,000 but it’s worth it if you like to smoke weed.

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Richard Lowe

Richard Lowe is a 14-year veteran of the financial sector with licenses as a commodity broker (Series 3) and investment advisor representative (IAR Series 65). Along with a focus on raising capital for the firms he was employed with, he also wrote and edited much of the content published by them. He holds a BA in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts. He has been a longtime advocate for marijuana legalization due to the social injustices associated with marijuana prohibition and the strong potential for the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

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  1. I’m interested. Also kinda curious about what other “experiments” are going on? You know end of Moonraker kinda stuff. Maybe garner some public interest in space if we add “the satellite” or “orbital reentry” to the Karma Sutra?

  2. I am a healthy human being who exercises and eats healthy foods on a daily basis. I have smoked marijuana before and would like to take place in this “experiment”. I would love to help out this cause to further increase knowledge on helping any astronaut, please contact me.

  3. Please contact me for this I would like to take part in this awesome experience from nasa it would be a one in a life time thing and I would love to be a part of it. Thank you have a wonderful day

  4. Does anyone know how to actually sign up for this experiment? If so, could it be posted somewhere? I’m a 30-year old attorney in good health, I exercise regularly, work about 70 hours a week, and smoke weed daily. I would love to take a 70 day break to help out NASA or whatever. I can be reached at 828-674-3864, or by email at

  5. Yes I’m interested my name is Jonathan Coleman I live in Pine Bluff Arkansas my telephone number 228 263 52229 please contact me with information on where to sign up for this study thank you in advance have a nice day

  6. My Name is Darnell Evins and i live in pittsburgh pa Please contact me for this @ . I would like to take part in this awesome experience from nasa it would be a one in a life time thing and I would love to be a part of it. Thank you have a wonderful day

  7. Very interested!
    Pass cancer patient! Have had 49 surgeries since 2011. Surgery has resulted from being over radiated! I’m very much interested in the study;)

    1. Healthy you may be but you just have out your phone number to virtually everyone on the internet. Something tells me they’re looking for someone a little smarter than that

  8. I am very interested in the 70 day study..I can to the exercise or the non exercise as well.. Please contact me at Paul Beland anytime day or evening 307-220-2488. Please allow me to thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this very important matter.


    1. Hi Lisa I been smoking since I was 16 I am 54 now no health problems 135 pds. Have not been sick in over 35 years don’t go to doctor not needed cured cancer myself I smoke cause I know how great it is for my body no doctor can tell me otherwise or change my mind I’m a very calm patient person that would love to help NASA. 214-498-1449

  10. I love NASA and space, i would love to participate in this experiment. knowing that you helped NASA for future exploring would be amazing. 734-740-0053

  11. Robert here .Sounds like something most could not do. I could though I am 230 pounds. I work two days out the week and beng watch Netflix or stay on the Internet 5 days stright. I have smoke pot since age 6. I am 43 now a barely was ever not stoned in 20 years solid. I would like to know about using the bathroom. Would I have to use it lying down or can I go to bathroom toilet? Health wise I am ok but don’t have thyroids and missing half of kidney both due to cancer

    1. I’m add and had I would like to try this out I need something to calm me down medication does not work it puts me in a zombie state of mind and I cannot perform I know marijuana works I smoked before it has calmed me down people my family told me it helps me I would like to be a part of this participation possible thank you 832.771.3745

  12. WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS!! The fact that you are stupid enough to leave your name, phone #, and email address on a public forum should automatically disqualify your participation. Not to mention you’re willing to put your life on hold & basically not move for 2-3 months. Is it any wonder this country is going straight down the sh–ter?!?!

  13. Deantijuan Daley call me 813 856 8389. Metagene(healing powers, can strongly sense tgoughts and feelings of others), part annunaki from Tulsa, OK (will Rogers descendant)

  14. Deantijuan Daley call me 813 856 8389. Metagene(healing powers, can strongly sense thoughts and feelings of others), part annunaki from Tulsa, OK (will Rogers descendant)

  15. I am i big smoker. Plus i love the though of helping to explore mars. The entire space program excites me. I would be more then willing to particapate in these trials. My contact info. 8175853437.

  16. I’m Steven Morris, and I’m Deaf, too. I was smoked weed almost 6 years till now.
    So I want to be volunteer, for help do whatever you need for study. Here my phone is 832-580-6631. (Only text)

  17. I am a middle-age woman in good health who does not take any meds and has never taken any drugs. I would be interested in applying for this NASA study.

  18. My name is Denise Allen I am also interested in this cannibis study please contact me at 929-444-5960 it would help, because at this time I’m under medicinal use for medical purposes

  19. Yes I would be very interested in the program I’m 35 years old if you’re interested in letting me while I’m here my telephone number is 352-426- 9412 please contact me to let me know how to sign up for the program I would greatly appreciate it you have a wonderful day

  20. I would be the perfect candidate for this trial. Don’t work and have plenty of time and am very curious of the effects cause I have multiple medical issues that medicine is not working or they won’t prescribe anything strong enough to handle the situations!!

  21. While y’all are trying to pick someone, and everyone posting “Pick me!” Or “I’m young and in good health. Also don’t do any drugs.” Are the ones you know aren’t ready. Like ohkay can they even last a blunt or joint? Exactly, like do they even know what a sativa, indica, or Hybrid strain is? True smokers that have a open mind and can learn so much while smoking is what it’s about. Isnt that more helpful and easier for N.A.S.A anyways? Like telling them what they feel how they feel and just more specific answers . Look for those people . Cause I know I’m capable of reaching these expectations .
    P.S God bless America

  22. I would like to receive information on this research study and how an individual may apply to be a participant in the study. If the study is still open, please send the necessary information to become a participant. Thank you and have a blessed day.

  23. I would like to be a participant in this study. I’m 52 and have smoked weed for 20 years, am unemployed and currently going to school. I would like to pay off my student loans as soon as possible. I am currently not smoking as of May 21st. I would willing to restart for research of course. I enjoy using social media ,reading and playing video games.

  24. I’m astounded. You guys do realize this is just an article about the study, right? “The National Marijuana News” is the website you’re on. They are not putting on any study. NASA is. You would need to contact NASA to participate in anything that NASA is doing. Instead, you went to the comments section of a news website you were reading an article on, and promptly posted your phone numbers. I’m not sure how stupid a person can be, but you people have to be reaching the limit.

  25. I would love to come but I don’t got no car and I love Marijuana becuase it helps me relax and it helps with my back pain and it just releaves stress

  26. My name is Ryan bolster and I’m very interested in participating in a marijuana study. I’m 22 years old with left sided paralysis from a right temporal lobe brain hemorage

  27. 23 year old male about 200 pounds..number 609 231 4725 I am interested and available blood is ab+ if it makes a difference…and willing for study call or leave a voicemail whenever possible

  28. What up my name’s Space, I suffer from multiple sclerosis and would be interested in being a Guinea pig. I smoke to get high, I don’t smoke to die. Let me know…?

  29. I would take honor on the fact Im helping NASA makes me feel im doing for a reason instead of just doing if you understand. Please give me a call sign me up asap!!!!

  30. I’m so with it man I’ve already started I think I’m on day 420. No really I can walk a little bit cannabis is to thank for that. I awake every morning to some pain that can’t be described it’s insanity so I keep a packed and ready to go
    Pipe load on the nightstand for every morning. it instantly turns the morning around and gives it potential…biscuit

  31. I’ve smoked marijuana since I was 11 years old. I am now 29 years old and I still chronically smoke marijuana of all types and all strengths. I have a very high tolerance threshold to the substance. I am able still till this day and not only better and better lately hold my breath inhaling a great amount of Cannabis smoke into my lungs, after which I hold my breath for as long as possible. Combined with practicing meditation simultaneously I can hold my breath on a back to back basis for minimum of 1 minuet each time on a very regular basis..I do not smoke cigarettes and I don’t drink alcohol.. I believe I will be a very good subject for any testing involving any area of NASA research. I’d say I believe I would be the one subject who you use to set the bar or standards by…..white male age 29 weighing 155 pounds at 3{b9c41f62a37c687b31b667cf69204c41d59060d4b370c48d31ec094649de4955} body fat I’m actually very healthy and I would love to contribute as much of my time and self to Thebes’s highest bidders

    My email address is

  32. My name is Reymond Ulrich and would be more than willing to participate in your marijuana study I am located in las vegas NV please contact me at 7023050607


  34. Hi, My daughter who is 9, quad, and spends her day lying down (bed, beanbag). I want to put her in a study. She has epilepsy, LGS, and even if you could not put her in your study to point me in the right direction for someone to help. I cannot work and take care of her 24/7.
    Thank you

  35. Science is my favorite topic I watch a lots of science channel and history i also love ancient aliens that’s my favorite it would be a dream come true to participate in this research if you are still seeking for volunteers feel free to contact me at 3082272512

  36. Hi my name is Matthew Whitaker and I think I would make great candidate for your study for one I suffer from xxy47 and there no current study on the effects of marijuana.people that have this disorder.there needs to be some kind of study done .Yes $18,000 is alot of money.i don’t care about that just the results and research.
    My phone number is (573) 719-6636.and this number is working or text

  37. Hello I smoke marijuana 24 hrs a day,
    I have done a study like this before
    I have tried to contact your programming
    And study group for the longest
    I is going exactly about 7months since
    Not being answered so I smoke & smoke
    And watch history & watch space
    And love preparing to capture what .08 of carbon dioxide for space means
    Yes I can stay in bed for more then 5 months
    Yes I have not job & yes, I do have a girlfriend
    Whom I talked to about your studies
    And would love to go to Germany! If the studies is in germany? Or California
    My girlfriend & I are expecting a baby
    I am hiv free.. & std free.. also
    I have a cell phone and a email
    You chosen whom can listen & whom is honorable well also I am a veteran of the United state I am honorable discharged
    And yes I smoke my brain off and also I tell the truth.. I need this because I am in las vegas
    Maybe your in (California & or in Germany)
    For the research team please think how well
    Many online tend too and walk to you I salute all astronauts & I salute the General for brave dissions on this matter yes I returned yes I am no honorable and yes i take care of my own!
    I am getting off my ads because this is important to the mars mission & the people whom are to been astronauts to gone to mars
    Please I give my full consent to been contacted with both.. # 7023424521 & my wife’s # 7029100322
    My name is Lt. Zayas & I am awaiting to been called huuraa.. love what your doing with many studies I read this for about 5months & never giving up on this also

  38. On January 15th 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer I’ve been smoking cannabis since I was at the age of 14 recreationally had a very successful Hotel leadership career did not smoke everyday but smoked on a regular basis I’ve survived two heart attacks Parkinson’s disease and now stage 4 bone cancer I’ve had 5 pet scans and they cannot find where it has metastasized from I have made a couple of trips to Denver to pick up certain oils and shatters and different cannabis products that help me along I also take a daily dose of CBD which is now legal in Oklahoma it’s kind of hard to go to Denver so at times I have to deal with the local Black Market which really sucks but I never stop would like to be part of this study if possible I think I have a lot to contribute and help to get this thing legalized throughout this country I appreciate any consideration you give me I was born January 27th 1948 I’m 69 years old thank you

  39. I want in I’m bipolar and I have really bad anxiety and I get irratated just by doing nothing for to long and getting bored inless I’m smoking weed then I’m all phone and food.

  40. Michael Navage, age 38, 6’1″ 275lbs, smoker. Highly intelligent with a 167 IQ and scored in the 97th percentile on the long version of the ASVAB. Please contact me if this opportunity is legit and you’re interested in my participation. You can reach me at or (602) 715-5158 day or night. Thank you.

  41. I want in on this study how do I apply? Willing to go wherever you need me. Contact me NASA I have served my country and could stand to be in on this.

  42. My name David Noble i would be interested in taking a part in ghe study. I already take part in partaking in marijuana. I think it will pass time pretty quick when time seems to be dragging to the astronauts and will help overall when they are boring. Please contact me at 4302529277. Look forward to meeting with great ppl and making new friends. God bless

  43. I would love to be apart of this study and would love to do this as long as possible. if i could do more then 70 days i would redo it as many times as they would allow

  44. I would like to take part in this study…please contact me my number is 1(209)373-3377
    I will be waiting to hear from you thank you…have a great day

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