G Pen Pro Setting the Standard for Dry Marijuana Flower Vaporizers

All the research is showing that vaping is better than smoking for my lungs. The vape pens with the concentrated marijuana extracts are great and all, but sometimes I am just in the mood for some dried flower. What’s my choice then? I could roll a joint or a blunt, pack a bowl, or use a one hitter. All of those methods of smoking marijuana involves combustion and that, as I understand it, is what is bad for my lungs. So, what other choice do I have but to turn to a dry herb vaporizer where there is no combustion.

Now, I’ve tried vaporizers before, but for me they were always just too difficult to use. You have to clean them constantly, the batteries don’t last long on them and the button thing was always confusing. When do I hit it? Should I wait another 5 seconds? How many times does it have to blink? That is entirely to much work for someone who is looking to relax.

Not long ago, I came across an advertisement on for the G Pen Pro. I had heard of G Pens before and I knew that Snoop Dogg endorsed them, so I thought I would give it a try. I ordered the G Pen Pro and it showed up at my front door a couple of days later.

The packaging was sleek. The G Pen Pro came in a cylindrical case with a top that slides off the case smoothly and seals air in really well. Once you pull off the top you find another cylindrical case with soft ribbons you pull on to take it out. This velvety case holds the very easy-to-use instructions, a brush and key chain as well as the G Pen Pro vaporizer.

G Pen Pro Lights

The vaporizer itself is a nice solid weight in your hand. The mouth piece stays on firmly but comes off easily. The keychain that comes in the sleek packaging has a little opener that you can fit into the side of the mouthpiece to assist in prying it off, but it comes off easily enough with your fingers. You simply add the ground up marijuana into the chamber once you remove the mouthpiece.

G Pen Pro Chamber

There is a button on the vaporizer that you click five times in a row to turn it on. You can hold the button down to change the temperature the marijuana is being vaporized at. The lights flash green for the lowest temperature, blue for medium and red for the highest temperature. When they stop flashing, you inhale the vapor.

It provided good hits and the mouthpiece was designed well and didn’t get too hot on my lips. It certainly has been my best experience with a dry herb vaporizer so far. If, like me, you are concerned about your lung health but still like marijuana flower, the G Pen Pro is the way to go. It packs away easily and the sleek packaging does a good job of keeping odors contained.   

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