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420 Marijuana Reviews: Thor’s Hammer

"Whosoever Holds This Hammer, If He Be Worthy, Shall Possess The Power Of Thor."

Come check out our review for the Thor’s Hammer, aka Mjolnir, strain! A heavy sativa guaranteed to get your day going with its highly energetic qualities! Enthusiasts find its uplifting energy perfect for daytime use as well as for those struggling with depression. It has a tendency to make some a bit anxious so moderation is definitely key with this potent strain.

Thor’s Hammer by SnowHigh Seeds is an uplifting sativa strain that combines genetics from Vortex, Cinderella 99, and Acapulco Gold. Like a bolt of lightning commanded by the Norse god himself, Thor’s Hammer delivers an electrifying blast of cerebral energy that awakens creativity and motivation. Its lightweight body effects make this strain a great choice for daytime use, and patients needing to crush fatigue and depression like the giants of Jotunheimr will likely find Thor’s Hammer to be the perfect weapon. You may also find a genetic variant of Thor’s Hammer from Alaska that instead combines God Bud and Sour Diesel in a more balanced indica-sativa hybrid cross.

420 Marijuana Reviews: Thor's Hammer420 Marijuana Reviews: Thor's Hammer420 Marijuana Reviews: Thor's Hammer420 Marijuana Reviews: Thor's Hammer420 Marijuana Reviews: Thor's Hammer

The buds are usually pretty dense and typically covered in colorful red hairs throughout. The smell is not immediately noticeable until breaking them up which leads to a strong and pungent aroma. The smoke’s taste is a little on the hash side at first and can lead to some pretty wicked cotton mouth so you’ll want to have a drink on hand while enjoying Thor’s Hammer (preferably some mead or grog)!

This strain will blow your socks off and your woman’s Panties!! I don’t know what other people are calling a mediocre high but this shit is straight FIRE!!! Check it out Analytical 360 tested the Thors Hammer at 28.97 % THC on one test and CBD being below 1% at 0.3 % CBD The strain used to be called Mjölnir but Snow changed the name to Thors Hammer because it was a pain in the ass to say. Those test are from 18% THC to 27.48 % THC Not to mention this strain yields spears, large yields of resinous crystalline buds. This is a easy strain to grow, very consistent and its just a powerhouse, plain and simple. Snow offers this line pure and in crosses that got to be even more potent. I’m just super impressed with all the SnowHigh Gear, just plant the seed and get a female, the selections already done. You guys are missing out, if you haven’t tried Thors Hammer!!!


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