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420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks

Straight From The Mystery Machine!

Meet the popular Scooby Snacks strain! A strong indica leaning hybrid, it’s a cross of the Platinum Girl Scout Cookies hybrid and the Face of OG indica strains. Considered a well balanced hybrid by many enthusiasts, it’s perfect for dealing with anxiety issues, insomnia, and even just for relaxing at home with some movies (or Scooby Doo reruns). Keep in mind, this strain has a tendency to leave you couchlocked for a while so make sure you tread lightly when you first try it out!

Scooby Snacks is an indica-dominant hybrid that crosses Platinum Girl Scout Cookies with Face Off OG. Its dense purple buds are full of piney OG Kush flavor and a sweet aftertaste. Don’t underestimate the potency of Scooby Snacks! The combination of popular West Coast genetics brings on stimulating cerebral effects that weigh heavy on your eyes and slowly relax the body. The end result is a calm, happy experience that keeps depression away and can help rock you to sleep.

420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks

The nugs are typically small to medium in size but are super dank and frosty with orange hairs all over, accompanied by a very pungently sweet and earthy aroma. The smoke’s taste carries over that sweetness and blends it with some spicy overtones that tend to linger on the tongue for a good while after indulging. What would you do for some delicious Scooby Snacks?

420 Marijuana Reviews: Scooby Snacks

“This strain is such an amazing sleep aid! It makes you feel like you are crawling into a grilled cheese bed of warm gooey cheesy sheets of goodness with toasty bread blankets. Then 9 hours later you awake from what feels like hibernation perfectly rested with zero haziness. I am all but non functional within 20 minutes of smoking one bowl so be prepared for bed when you enjoy some Scooby snacks!”

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