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420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington

"What's This? What's This? There's Color Everywhere! What's This? There's Pot Smoke In The Air!"

Meet the curiously named Jack Skellington strain! A sativa originating from a crossing of the Killer Queen and Jack The Ripper strains and geared towards daytime use. It provides a strong energy boost and has been known as an effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, and panic disorders. It has also shown somewhat limited effectiveness in helping those with mild to moderate pain conditions. The high is very energetic and can help boost your creativity but is considered a predominantly “heady” high by most.

Jack Skellington by TGA Genetics is a 70% sativa cross between Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper. TGA sought out the most resin-heavy phenotypes of each parent for an ideal, crystal-coated offspring. With a fruity citrus and diesel aroma, Jack Skellington promises an intensely psychoactive experience that brings creativity and introspection to a new level. Jack Skellington flowers in 8 weeks indoors and thrives in sea of green (SOG) setups.

420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington

The buds have a very strong citrus-like aroma mixed with the unmistakably pungent odor of diesel, however, the combination results in a particularly delicious smelling bouquet. The smoke itself burns pretty clean and has a subtly sweet taste to it that doesn’t last very long on your taste buds. After a few hits, the Jack Skellington will have you feeling like you’re the Pumpkin King in no time!

420 Marijuana Reviews: Jack Skellington

A nice mellow sedation without catatonia combined with a very heady high that will open creative doors while keeping the demons away. Paranoia takes a detour as you ride the super highway of intellectual transcendence combined with uber productive creative endeavors. Even making toast will turn into a project worthy of the Food network under the influence of this sweet bud. Appetite seemed unaffected but like all THC highs you can’t assume anything, especially with that toast.


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