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5 Marijuana Friendly Camping Destinations

Some West Coast Spots That Enthusiasts Can Enjoy

As the weather begins to get warmer and warmer camping season is soon to follow. Unfortunately, the majority of parks and campgrounds around the country currently do not allow for visitors to enjoy their weed legally while there.

However, there are a few places on the west coast where enthusiasts can enjoy the great outdoors along with their greenery without too much of a hassle. While federal law makes it illegal to consume cannabis in most camp sites and federal parks, some private land owners have opened up their grounds to allow for cannabis use among their guests.

1. Smoke on the Water (Oregon)

One of the best cannabis-friendly campgrounds, this facility on Lake Selmac encompasses five acres of scenery to enjoy along with a good smoke. Kayak, canoe, and motorboat rentals are available, and great trout and bass fishing opportunities abound. Lake Selmac has produced Oregon’s record largemouth bass three times.

State law allows cannabis use on private property. Comfortable year-round accommodations are available.

Smoke on the Water even hosts special events. In fact, a women’s only cannabis retreat known as the “Ganja Goddess Getaway” is scheduled for July 2018.

2. Rustic River Cabins (Colorado)
5 Marijuana Friendly Camping Destinations
Cabins and cannabis-friendly campgrounds on 10 acres of the scenic Poudre River? Count us in. Rustic River Cabins are tucked away by the Big Thompson River in Big Thompson Canyon, near Estes Park, Colorado. The retreat, located an hour from Fort Collins, welcomes both pets and horses. It’s open from May to October, and it features hiking and biking trails along with rustic river relaxation.

I’ve always said there is something special about being able to enjoy being high while outside, in peace and among nature and these camp sites allow for just that. What do you think Jeff Sessions would say about smoking week on federal land?

The Top 5 Cannabis-Friendly Campgrounds For Weed Smoking Nature Lovers

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