First 3 Day Sales of Recreational Pot Prove to be Successful

LAS VEGAS – The first weekend of recreational marijuana sales is officially in the books.  However, the demand for recreational pot is so high long lines continued outside many dispensaries around Las Vegas on Monday.

At Reef Dispensaries, customers waited in line up to 45 minutes to purchase marijuana products.  So far, the demand is exceeding expectations because three days into marijuana retail and sales are still going strong.

“I think overall, expectations have been met or exceeded,” said Andrew Jolley, CEO of  The Source Dispensaries.

Jolley says many dispensary owners weren’t sure what to expect over the weekend, but the expectations at his dispensary have been exceeded.

“Even people who have had to wait 20, 30, 60 minutes in line are super happy to do it, Jolley said. “There’s kind of a general sigh of relief, I think, from all of our customers.”

“It’s awesome, said recreational marijuana user Charles Villalobos. “I mean I was there for the first day at Sahara Wellness, so you know, I was number 13 in line.  I don’t think Las Vegas ever realized how many people actually smoked marijuana.”

Rough estimates from the Nevada Dispensary Association are for the weekend sales of recreational pot is anywhere from $3 to $5 million.

State Senator Tick Segerblom, D-Clark County, is also known as the godfather of the state’s marijuana industry, and he says those numbers are an incentive for state regulators to get distributors licensed.

“There is going to be a question of if we run out of supplies, we need to make sure that that issue doesn’t happen,” Segerblom said.

Many of the larger dispensaries stocked up before the July 1 deadline, so the owners have weeks of supply on hand.  Owners say it should be enough to avoid a temporary black out on the green stuff.

“I know that the Department of Taxation is working hard in conjunction with local governments to get these distributors up and running, and I expect they’ll be ready to serve the industry within the next few days,” Jolley said.

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