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FIFA & Russia Will Allow For Medical Marijuana At World Cup!

Patients Will Be Able To Bring And Use Cannabis During Event

FIFA and Russia have recently announced that they’ve decided they will allow medical marijuana use by patients at the 2018 World Cup! With proper documentation, of course, patients will be able to bring their own medical marijuana into the country and even use it at the sporting events’ venues as long as it isn’t being smoked (vaping is allowed, though). The one potential catch being that your medical documents must all be translated into Russian and be notarized. This move comes as a big surprise to most considering the country’s usual hard line stance against cannabis and other substances that they consider to be illicit. One thing’s for sure, if you are going to snatch up some FIFA World Cup tickets this is definitely going to be an interesting (if somewhat mellow) World Cup!

Cannabis patients who already ordered a ticket to the 2018 World Cup in Russia can carry their medicine into the country and also bring it into the stadium. Despite draconian penalties for cannabis possession and use, Russia’s laws allow the import and consumption of medical cannabis not only during the world’s biggest sporting event in 2018, but at any time.

Patients may bring their medication in and out of Russia so long as they also carry supporting medical documents that indicate the name of the patient, total quantity they may carry and dosage amounts allowed by law in their home state or country. Official medical documents or certified copies must be translated into Russian and notarized.

The World Soccer Association, FIFA, even allows people to bring and use narcotic prescription drugs including cannabis for personal needs, as long as the patients carry corresponding documentation in Russian and English. But because all stadiums will be non-smoking areas, edibles or vaping would be the only legal way for spectators to medicate for spectators.


Russia, FIFA OK Medical Cannabis in the Soccer World Cup’s Stadiums | Marijuana

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