Father In Michigan Fighting For The Right To Use Medical Marijuana…And To Get His Son Back


Yesterday on TNMNews, we posted a story about a single mom and marijuana advocate in Kansas who is fighting to get back custody of her son. The boy was taken by authorities after he told officials during a drug education program at school that his mother and other adults in his home were drug users and that there was a lot of drug use happening there. Less than 24 hours later, a father in Michigan is dealing with a similar issue. This time, he’s lost his 5-year-old son..

According to an article in Fox17Online, Max Lorincz is a father fighting for his right to use medical marijuana and to get his son back. Even though he’s a certified medical marijuana patient, authorities charged him with a felony. The crime: a single smear of oil was found in his home. Now, Lorincz is waiting to see when he’ll be able to have his child home again. It all stems from a 911 call Lorincz made last September for a family medical emergency. The officer who responded found the smear of butane hash oil, which Lorincz takes for what he calls “deep pain relief.”

Lorincz’s defense attorney is Michael Komorn, who also happens to be the President of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Association. For the last six years, Komorn has dedicated his practice exclusively to medical marijuana patients and caregivers, so he took He took on Lorincz’s case pro-bono. Komorn says the case is full of scandal and that law enforcement lacks the proper abilities and knowledge to deal with what he calls a “public health issue.” Komorn explained that medical marijuana is not a controlled substance and in fact, Michigan law states marijuana is a schedule 2 drug. But since Lorincz is charged with having a schedule 1 drug, and not specifically marijuana, Komorn said it’s difficult to protect Lorincz under section 8 immunity of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.

Another issue in this case is Lorincz’s physical health. He admits that as soon as he started using marijuana, his health improved, but because of what has happened to him and his son, he claims his health has been deteriorating. “It’s a scary road I’m going down,” Lorincz said, “but I have to comply with what they’re asking and I just don’t know what else to do.”

Lorincz’s legal issues could also get bad. According to the article, he was charged with a two-year felony in February for possession of a schedule 1, controlled, synthetic substance. That’s when his son was taken away and since then, he is only allowed supervised visits. Lorincz is also following court’s orders and is back to taking what he calls “debilitating prescription pain-killers.”


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