Despite Legal Marijuana Reforms, Minority Arrests Are Increasing

Minorities, specifically black people and latinos, have seen an increase in arrests in states with medical marijuana. White juvenile marijuana arrests are down 8%, black and latino arrests have increased by 58% and 29% respectively. Why is there such a huge disparity between races?

The longer term issue with this disparity is that it limits the ability for minorities to enter in the legal medical or recreational markets. Each state has stringent policies about the people that are able to run licensed medical marijuana businesses and a criminal record may affect the decision on whether licensure can be attained.

If we, as a country, want equality, then the marijuana business will need to have more minorities running the cannabis business. The statistics are staggering and one can only hope that these numbers will decline over the next couple of years.

Why do you think that the number of arrests are up in minority groups, in regards to marijuana related offenses?


According to the Drug Policy Alliance, 465,873 Californians were arrested between 2006 and 2015 for marijuana misdemeanors and felonies. Despite Legal Marijuana Reforms, Minorities Bear the Brunt of Pot Arrests

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