Cypress Hill And Bhang Team Up For New Venture

The Cannabis Loving Hip Hop Group Is Back

California hip hop group and avid cannabis aficionados, Cypress Hill, recently announced that they will be teaming up with Bhang Corporation on a new venture named Cypress Hill Bhang (CHB). They will begin by releasing a pair of collector’s edition cannabis products to coincide with the release of the group’s long-awaited studio album, Elephants on Acid, which made its debut yesterday September 28th.

Cypress Hill And Bhang Team Up For New Venture,Bhang,california,cannabusiness,Cypress Hill,Elephants on Acid,Temples of boom,weed newsBhang Corporation boasts a wide variety of highly awarded cannabis products such as cannabis infused chocolate bars, gums, vapes, as well as mouth sprays. The brainchild of Scott Van Rixel, a European-certified Chef de cuisine and Master Chocolatier with over twenty five years of experience, Bhang was founded in 2011 and is famous around the globe for its award-winning cannabis infused chocolate. Van Rixel spoke about the new joint venture saying that: “We are proud of the Bhang-Cypress Hill collaboration. It has successfully resulted in products that reflect the band’s identity and vision. Every other week some group or entertainer approached Bhang wanting to license themselves and it was the same story, wanting us to give them money to use their name. Cypress Hill’s cannabis agent came to us with a different approach, however. They wanted to be instrumental in the creative process and wanted the products to be dope (no pun intended). The results speak for themselves.”

Cypress Hill And Bhang Team Up For New Venture,Bhang,california,cannabusiness,Cypress Hill,Elephants on Acid,Temples of boom,weed newsThe first of CHB’s products to be released will be a 1/4 oz jar in the shape of a skull that features Cypress Hill’s iconic bucket hat. Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs spoke about the origins of the skulls saying that “Legend has it crystal skulls are a form of computer which are able to recognize energy and vibrations that occur around them.” He added, “The skulls have the ability to pictorially replay all events or images of the people who have come in contact with them (i.e. they contain the history of our world). Based on this legend, Cypress Hill and Bhang joined forces to create CHB.” The jars, which are also featured in Cypress Hill’s new video for their song “Crazy,” are pretty stylish and will make fans and cannabis enthusiasts alike happy. Better yet, the CHB jars are filled to the brim with flower from either the Cherry Bomb or Zookies cannabis strains. These particular strains were personally picked out by Cypress Hill and are said to increase creativity as well as activate the relaxation and music areas of the brain allowing for a a higher level of thinking.

The second product announced in their line up is a stash box in the shape of a cassette tape that contains 6 pre-rolled joints of the strain called Mendo Breath, which is an indica that has pronounced euphoric and relaxing effects. The stash boxes will be available in two different styles, one to commemorate the new Elephants on Acid record as well as an old-school version. The new line of CHB products will be available for sale starting on Sunday September 30th.

Would you be interested in buying one of CHB’s products? Have you tried any of the cannabis strains that will be a part of CHB’s line?

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