Colorado Dispensaries Suggested Marijuana For Pregnant Women

Some Purveyors Were Advocating For Cannabis Use Among Expecting Mothers

In a bit of surprising news, a recent study found that nearly 300 marijuana dispensaries in Colorado had suggested cannabis use for pregnant women. The retailers were said to promote marijuana use as a cure for the nausea that often comes along with early pregnancy.

A perhaps unethical but definitely ill-advised approach by these dispensaries, as cannabis use during pregnancy is often associated with low birth weight in infants and could potentially lead to other developmental problems down the line. Research is unfortunately still lacking in this regard but as with any medicine, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Colorado health experts, regulatory officials and even industry advocates have consistently answered no, and they’ve backed that message up with studies, public service announcements and warning labels on cannabis packaging.

But a new study by doctors at Denver Health and the University of Colorado School of Medicine reports that, when asked for advice on mixing pot and pregnancy, employees at an overwhelming majority of marijuana stores in Colorado will say that it’s OK. And fewer than a third of those stores will recommend that a pregnant woman consult with a doctor about cannabis use — unless they are prompted to.

“It was surprising and concerning to us because there are data that suggest exposure to cannabis can be harmful to a developing fetus,” said Dr. Torri Metz, the study’s lead researcher.

Despite staunch opposition from top health officials in the state, which is backed by available research on the topic, the study found that many dispensaries paid no heed to the warnings and said that it was more or less “ok” for pregnant women to use cannabis and related products. Do you think that dispensaries should market cannabis use for pregnant women?

Colorado marijuana stores usually suggest cannabis for pregnancy-related nausea, a new study shows

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