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In the news today are reports that Massachusetts has found success in something unconventional: amnesty for heroin addicts. AP Reports that a new program in Massachusetts​ has found success by using unconventional methods. For the first time in their effort to combat a nasty heroin epidemic, Police departments have started offering an amnesty to heroin addicts.

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On November 3rd, Ohio voters will head off to the polls to decide the fate of legal marijuana in the State via an amendment to institute what backers say will be a billion-dollar industry within 4 years. Jon Husted, their Secretary of state said Wednesday that the private investors group Responsible Ohio had already collected 320,267

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1: Massachusetts Max. fine for small amount: $100 Marijuana related arrests in 2012: 2,596Marijuana arrests per 100,000: 39Minimum penalty classification : Civil offense Under Massachusetts’ state law, an individual can only be fined a maximum of $100 for possession an ounce or less of marijuana — the result of a 2008 ballot to decriminalize possession

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