Anonymous Claims, The Federal Gov’t Has KNOWN Cannabis Cures Cancer Since 1974


Always controversial, and rarely exaggerated, the hacker group named Anonymous, has released a powerful video explaining the history of the KNOWN benefits of cannabis on various forms of cancer and tumors.

Apparently, Nixon needed more funding for his drug war, so he set up a study hoping to link THC to causing cancer. What they found was the opposite. The results showed that ingesting large concentrated amounts of THC (oil) would attack abnormal cells, and effectively stop cancer in most cases. Nixon was furious about this study and made the entire study classified. Then Gerald Ford effectively ended all cannabis research, and began to task pharmaceutical companies to create a synthetic form of THC that would have all the health benefits.

This is an incredible video, take a look:




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    • Why not learn to operate your computer and learn what to look for on a web page. Unless you’d rather cry like a little girl and piss and moan.

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  2. If you can’t figure out how to pause a radio show so you can play the video, you need to learn how to use the Internet.

  3. I’ve been thinking recently, can’t anyone make an anonymous video? I mean, grab a mask, find the source file for the voice and make anything up. Can someone explain how anonymous videos are verified? Is it anything posted to their main website? Just curious. Thanks.

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