Cannabis-Infused Dining in Chicago?

Recreational marijuana is not legal in Illinois, however they do have a limited medical marijuana program in place. Despite the legal limitations, supposedly a cannabis-infused dining club is opening in Chicago on December 4th.

Chicago is well known for its restaurants, but its new medical marijuana laws have been a slow project. The simple suggestion of a place to eat cannabis-infused food has drawn lots of interest and the club has been flooded with reservation requests.

CHICAGO — A cannabis-infused upscale supper club, opening in Chicago on Dec. 4, has already received over 1,000 reservation inquiries.

Guests can expect a six-course cannabis-infused meal and beverages, including a cannabis cocktail.

The event was started by Herbal Notes, a California-based company. They work to raise awareness of the benefits of cannabis by hosting culinary cannabis experiences.

“Let’s do more than just get together and smoke weed and get high. We want to do so much more than that,” said Mendoza, who wants to change the stigma surrounding the usage of cannabis and raise awareness of the medical benefits of the product.

Mendoza is working to comply with all state regulations on cannabis and cannabidiol oil (CBD) so that he can bring the restaurant to Chicago in a legal way.

There is a real focus on the medical benefits of marijuana with the opening of the marijuana dining club. Do you think the state will shut the club down before it allows anyone to attend the opening though?


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