Cannabis Edibles Lead the Way in The Marijuana Industry

Cannabis edibles are leading the way for growth in the marijuana industry and the team at Good Morning America was exploring the idea of “microdosing” and how our favorite plant keeps gaining more mainstream attention. As more resources and education emerges in the legal markets, the general population is turning to edible dosages of 10mg or less.

The biggest takeaway from from this coverage is that the marijuana industry is growing fast and mainstream adoption of cannabis will continue, no matter what. It’s a domino effect and there is nothing that anybody can do stop it. What is your Favorite Edible? Do you Agree with Microdosing? Leave your comments below!

The booming marijuana business has grown to new heights in states where it is legal, thanks to edible editions. But the new ways people are consuming cannabis are also raising some warning flags. NBC’s Kerry Sanders has the report for our series “Red, White and Green” from Denver, Colorado.


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