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Sugar and Kush

Sugar and Kush
Sugar and Kush
Sugar and Kush CBD products have no THC and are all lab tested by a third party. Enjoy our tasty but low-calorie, low-sugar CBD oil drops, gummies and edibles meant for those of us on the Keto diet and for diabetics.

Sugar and Kush CBD products are derived from a pure CBD isolate with no THC. All products are tested by a third party to ensure the purity of our products. We infuse our CBD into a great tasting CMT coconut oil and make sure all of our products are low calorie and low-sugar for those following the Keto Diet or for diabetics. We offer CBD tinctures in great flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, cotton candy, bubble gum, orange creamsicle and even unflavored. Our CBD gummies have 25mgs of CBD per gummy and make for an easy on the go solution for adding CBD into your daily routine. We also offer great tasting CBD brownies and cookies for snacks or dessert. Try our CBD products and let us know what you think. We only want to offer the very best products to our clients. We use best practices in extraction and farming techniques.

Sugar and Kush CBD products were inspired by a young woman and a founder of S&K named Laura Brenner that used hemp oil to help fight off stage-3 ovarian cancer in her early 30’s. After starting an entirely holistic plant based diet she found that hemp had miraculous impacts on her ability to get a good night’s sleep and manage pain. Today Sugar and Kush designs all of their products around the diet her body needed to battle cancer.

All Sugar and Kush CBD products are low-calorie, low-sugar so that anyone following the Keto diet or struggling with diabetes can enjoy them and experience the benefits of CBD. From our 25mg gummy bears to our Sugar and Kush oil drops and edibles, you will find they all taste great. Adding CBD into your daily routine has never been easier. Drop some hazelnut CBD tincture into your coffee in the morning, vanilla flavored tincture into your smoothie or some cotton candy tincture right under your tongue. We also offer orange creamsicle, bubble gum and unflavored tinctures. Our gummy bears are 25mgs each. They are a fun and easy way to add CBD into your life while you are on the go.Our CBD cookies and brownies are a great way to grab an enriched snack or have some guilt-free dessert.

We only use the highest quality CMT oil derived from coconuts in our products to help in the absorption of CBD. As a cannabinoid, CBD is solvent into oils and fats and so using a CMT oil allows our consumers to make the most out of every bite. We also only use best practices in farming and extraction techniques. All of our products are also lab tested by a third party to ensure the purity of our products. We also want our customers to feel comfortable that there is no THC in any of our products.

At Sugar & Kush, we believe that we should all have access to pure, premium CBD products at a reasonable price, and it should be a delicious and positive experience every time. CBD is such an incredible compound, and we offer only the highest quality, third party tested products. Our team of experts have worked for years to bring you CBD products you can trust and enjoy, perfected through sustainable farming methods, food grade compound extraction, and a drop of passion. Okay, maybe a whole dropper full of passion!

When you use Sugar & Kush you’re getting products that are premium, potent, non-GMO, pesticide free, and free of herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We guarantee our products are 100% THC free and legal in all 50 states. We hope that you enjoy the wellness benefits of our CBD isolate as much as we do. Welcome to the family.
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The tinctures are delicious and go great in my coffee in the morning. I really like the hazelnut and vanilla oil drops.
Staff | May 6, 2019
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