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Helix TCS

Helix TCS
Helix TCS
Helix TCS is the Premier Provider of Integrated Operating Environment Solutions for the Legal Cannabis Industry. Providing a wholesale cannabis platform, compliance, and security to cannabis businesses.

The rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry has created strong demand for adaptive systems that assist growers, dispensary owners, and other cannabis-related firms in managing their complex operating environments.

These cannabis businesses must manage changing – and often conflicting – county, state, and federal regulations, while satisfying customers and fending off competitors. In such an environment, failure to recognize or manage key risks can result in the loss of a license, destroying a business at the stroke of a pen.

Helix TCS exists to safeguard clients against such risk.

Helix TCS’s mission is to provide clients with the most powerful and cutting-edge integrated operating environments in the market, helping them to better manage and mitigate risk while they focus on their core business.

In short, Helix TCS is dedicated to making our clients more secure, competitive, and successful.

We accomplish these goals through a unique combination of business, logistics, risk-management, and investment skills, delivered through a proprietary software suite and partnership platform.

Our team is composed of former military, law enforcement, and technology professionals with deep experience in security and law enforcement, intelligence, technology design and development, partner relations, data aggregation, venture capital, private equity, risk-management, banking, and finance – a combination that is truly unmatched in the Legal Cannabis Industry.

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