Boulder Colorado Commission Meets on Amendments to Current Marijuana License Regulations

Boulder Colorado officials have drafted amendments to propose licensing regulation changes for current cannabis businesses. Regulation changes could mean increased operating costs or increased taxes to current cannabis license holders.

Boulder County commissioners on Thursday morning are to consider their staff’s recommendations for updating and revising licensing regulations that apply to marijuana businesses in unincorporated parts of the county.

Most of the modifications of the licensing regulations are intended to streamline them and delete sections of the current rules that duplicate state medical and retail marijuana laws and the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division’s state regulations, according to the county staff.

However, the county could take its own action against a county license holder violating those state laws and regulations, the staff said in a memo to the commissioners.

The revised county regulations would add a category of county licenses for businesses that transport medical or retail marijuana between other licensed marijuana-licensed businesses, and which temporarily store that product in Boulder County.

Licensed cultivators and marijuana-product manufacturers could continue to transport their own products, however, without getting a separate county transporter license.

The county staff reported that the draft amendments to current marijuana licensing regulations — last updated in late 2015 — were discussed at a Dec. 16 meeting with marijuana business owners.

Thursday’s meeting will include a public hearing. If the commissioners adopt the proposed licensing regulatory changes on Thursday, the revised rules will take effect next Wednesday.

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