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Blue Moon Brewer’s Cannabis Infused Beer!

Colorado's Ceria Beverages Prepares To Release Marijuana Beer

The man behind Colorado’s Blue Moon Brewing Co.’s famous (and delicious) Belgian White Ale, Keith Villa, announced this week that he will be working on creating a line of cannabis infused craft beers as his next project. His new company, Ceria Beverages, will focus primarily on producing non-alcoholic brews that are infused with various amounts and types of marijuana and has already partnered with cannabis company, ebbu, to work out the necessary formulas with a special focus on consistency among the products. The brewmaster also plans on producing a variety of different styles of beers such as lagers and IPA’s with more options surely to follow soon after.

Villa hopes to begin selling his beers in Colorado by year’s end and is hoping to expand to other states as soon as possible. Be sure to follow the link below for more info on these extra special brews!

Brewmaster Keith Villa on Wednesday unveiled his latest beer venture: Ceria Beverages, an Arvada, Colo.-based firm developing a line of non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused craft beers.

“I’ve been seeing firsthand where consumers are drinking less and less beer” and opting instead for wine, spirits, sparkling water or even cannabis, said Villa, who retired in January from a 32-year brewing career with MillerCoors “This is an alternative to regular, alcoholic craft beer.”

Ceria partnered with Colorado cannabis firm ebbu to dial in cannabinoid formulations providing consumers sensations such as relaxation, bliss or uplift.

The firm specializes in tailoring cannabinoid extracts and formulations for firms launching cannabis-infused consumer products or medicines. CEO Jon Cooper told The Cannabist he started ebbu to solve a vexing issue for cannabis consumers: The Blue Dream they were buying from one dispensary could generate wildly different sensations than the Blue Dream bought at the next shop down.


The brewmaster behind Blue Moon has created cannabis-infused beer

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