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Best Video Games to Play High Christine Sclafani | Marijuana News, Cannabis Culture

Best Video Games to Play High – (I’m thinking about turning this into a new monthly segment)

Listen to Christine Sclafani talk about a game called Kentucky Route Zero that is just raved about by stoners across the country. Tell us about your favorite game that you like to play high.

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Video games have become a very important part of weed culture for a certain portion of the cannabis consuming world. I’m Christine Sclafani for The National Marijuana News and I think it is high time we talk about these games because some of them are pretty trippy.

There is this one game called Kentucky Route Zero that is just raved about by stoners across the country. It’s surreal, beautifully made and gets the brain thinking. Weed and the entire virtual world will probably have a close relationship for many years to come. The visual and mental stimulation of a video game combined with the creativity that is often triggered by smoking weed creates quite the dynamic.

Kentucky Route Zero is made by Cardboard Computer and has what they call 5 different acts to it. You can now play it on XBOX, PS4, Windows, Linux and on a Mac. If you have played KRZ high, please let us know about it. Is it the coolest game ever to play high? If not, what game is?

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