Becoming A Millionaire With A Cannabis Friendly Hotel in Colorado

The Bud+Breakfast Pulled In Over $1 Million in 2016

The Bud and Breakfast Cannabis Friendly HotelThe Bud+Breakfast hotel is a phenomenon birthed from the legalization of marijuana in Colorado. A place where anyone over 21 can reserve a room, bring marijuana and smoke it to their heart’s content. It even comes with a wake and bake breakfast.

Joel Schneider, the Owner of the Bud and Breakfast

Joel Schneider established the Bud + Breakfast in 2014 and not all has gone smoothly. Two other similar establishments had to be closed but the Capital Hill location near Denver is quickly becoming a popular destination.

In 2016, Schneider brought in over $1 million managing the nation’s first unabashedly pot-friendly hotel (and two locations no longer in operation). Guests ages 21 to 80 have traveled across the country, coming from mostly prohibition states, to toke legally and among like-minded enthusiasts.

After his children graduated college in 2014, Schneider, a former attorney, came to Colorado with the intention of opening a marijuana business that didn’t involve growing or selling the plant. He visited radio stations, a glass-blowing factory, and tourism groups for inspiration.

Later in 2014, Schneider opened the first Bud+Breakfast in a six-bedroom Victorian home. The suites range from $299 to $399 a night, and a reservation includes complimentary “wake and bake” breakfasts, in which bacon, eggs, and waffles are served with a side of ganja.

There’s a strict BYOC — bring your own cannabis — policy. While Schneider doesn’t have a license to sell or distribute weed, he offers private spaces to consume it. Located in Denver’s Capital Hill neighborhood, the inn is within walking distance of several dispensaries. A drug paraphernalia bar makes expensive vaporizers and roughly 200 pieces of glass, which can be pipes or bongs, accessible for people coming from states where such products are illegal.

There are lots of concerns about establishments such as Schneider’s Bud+Breakfast and what makes them different from a cannabis social club or lounge. Do you think Colorado will continue to let the Bud+Breakfast run unimpeded?


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