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Aussie Gov’s Bizarre Stoner Sloth Ad

The Australian government has released a strange series of anti-marijuana ads featuring stoner sloths. With the tag-line “You’re worse on weed,” the ads seem to take aim at the stereotype that stoners are lazy, confused and often useless. I personally think they’re a crock of shit and pointless, but that’s just my opinion. You can check out a compilation of the ads below. What do you think of these new ads? Do you take offense at the stoner sloth and what it represents? Let us know in the comments.

Of all the animals to be picked to star in a government’s high-profile anti-drug campaign, the sloth is not one that immediately comes to mind.

But there he (and she) is — Stoner Sloth, slacking and grunting and moving at a snail’s pace and not finishing the test and passing the wrong item at the kitchen table and not participating in a conversation with friends and generally being the most ineffective person on the screen, in educational videos recently released from the Australian state of New South Wales.

The tagline for the teen-aimed videos (above): “You’re Worse on Weed.”

The videos are supremely strange, and especially in an age of Internet tomfoolery, it’s hard to tell if they’re legitimate anti-drug education or well-executed parody. And apparently I wasn’t the only one unsure of the videos’ origination.

Aussie Gov's Bizarre Stoner Sloth Ad
Aussie Gov's Bizarre Stoner Sloth Ad

Mashable points out that a WHOIS search on the Stoner Sloth’s website points to the New South Wales Department of Premier of Cabinet.

So for those who don’t believe, Stoner Sloth is real. Just don’t expect him to pass the salt at dinner.

Watch: Aussie gov’s strange ‘Stoner Sloth’ weed-warning ads

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