7 Days Until Oregon Goes Recreational – Portland hosts FREE Marijuana Giveaway on July 3rd


Anyone following the marijuana industry is highly aware of whats about to happen in Oregon. As one of the biggest markets for marijuana, Oregon will become a major player and indicator of more states to come. On July 1st, Oregon becomes the 4th state to officially legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Although High Times had difficulty getting a permit in Oregon for a Cannabis Cup event, it seems the local business owners put together their own marijuana themed event on July 3rd, called WEED THE PEOPLE. Each attendee will be given at least 7 grams of marijuana in samples. More details on the event are below: reports:

On July 1, recreational marijuana will officially be legal in Oregon. Some kind of celebration, a commemoration of the occasion, was inevitable.

But that party won’t come from the usual suspects in Portland. Hempstalk, the time-honored yet controversial cannabis fair, wasdenied a permit this year. High Times, which brings its Cannabis Cup events to cities around the world, has struggled to set something up locally.

Instead, Portland will get a locally-sourced marijuana free-for-all – a sharing and sampling party that all but guarantees to generate cloud thick plume of smoke in celebration.

The July 3 event will be called Weed the People – the patriotic poster features an eagle clutching a branch of marijuana leaves in one talon, a bunch of joints in the other – organized by local cannabis extractors The CO2 Company alongside the Portland Mercury and Oregon’s Cannabis Concierge.

Weed the People will celebrate Oregon’s new recreational marijuana laws with free giveaways and an event for consumption.

Attendees can pay $40 for a ticket to the event, which promises up to 7 grams of free samples from growers in addition to industry swag, educational opportunities and a “Vaporizer Lounge.”

“We are focused on responsible adult usage, and helping the community usher in legalized cannabis,” organizers write. “Whether you partake regularly or haven’t touched the stuff in years, this event will [offer] something for you! Don’t be afraid of your freedom!”

It sounds a bit surreal, but Weed the People is staying with the soon-to-be mainstream, following the new recreationalmarijuana laws to the T.

According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which will oversee the recreational market, Oregonians 21 and older will be allowed to consume marijuana at home or on private property as of July 1. Since a retail marketplace is not yet in place, people are only allowed to share or give marijuana away for free.

To comply, organizers of Weed the People will only allow people 21 and older into the event, which will take place at Metal Craft Fabrication in north Portland. Growers there will give everything away for free, or else “share” with attendees.

Once inside, attendees will be free to exercise their new right to light up, or else take their score home.

Security guards will enforce a strict ban on outside cannabis, as well as alcohol and marijuana edibles, going so far as to search bags at the door.

“This is more than free weed. This is more than vendors, food and vapes,” organizers write. “This is history in the making! Join us for a day to remember!”

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When: Friday, July 3, from 2 to 9 p.m.
Where: Metal Craft Fabrication (map it)
Admission: $40 ($43.33 with fees), buy online

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