55 Celebs Who Are Outspoken About Their Marijuana Use

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From Brad Pitt to Megan Fox, to Johnny Depp, to George Clooney, to President Obama – and so many others – stars.topix.com compiled a list of the celebs that are outspoken about their marijuana use . We know these are annoying to scroll through, so here is the list:

George W Bush

Lil Wayne

Michael Phelps

Jon Stewart

David Letterman

Kristen Steward

Miley Cyrus


Justin Timberlake

Justin Bieber


Seth Rogan

Morgan Freeman

Oliver Stone

Montel Williams

Stephen Colbert

Bill Cinton

Bill Mahr


Oprah Winfrey

Susan Sarandon

Jack Black

Micha Barton

Willie Nelson

Whoopie Goldberg

Sarah Silverman

Woodly Harelson

Dr Dre

Hugh Hefner

Blaine and Ben Lawerence

Doug Pitt

Luke Hemsworth

Lynda Lopez

Cameron Diaz

Lindsey Lohan

Paris Hilton

Elijah Wood

Jennifer Anniston

Robert Downey Jr


Francis McDormand

Kirsten Dunst

Drew Barrymore

Snoop Dogg

Nicole Richie

Charlize Theron

Shia LeBeScreen shot 2015-01-21 at 1.48.25 PMouf


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